Unified messaging helps business get more dynamic and efficient

From their email users access all types of messaging ( Voice, Fax & E-mail). User can better manage their time and priortize their messaging.

Unified messaging and more

iPECS UMS is a powerful Unified Messaging solution with highly sophisticated Auto Attendant and almost unlimited voice mail capability. Not only handling voice messages, iPECS UMS can deliver incoming fax messages to desired destination. Desktop call control and Text to Speech features simply make business more dynamic and efficient.

Voice, fax and email

iPECS UMS allows all messages - voice, email and fax, to be received in one convenient location, a user's email inbox. iPECS UMS uses IMAP4 and POP3, open standards that extend integration with several email applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Even with VVM, a GUI base desktop message handling client application, users easily manage their voice messages in user friendly PC environment.

Easy to manage solution

iPECS UMS is fully manageable via the intuitive web admin. From basic set up such as user registration, and PBX interface to system and personal greeting .wav file upload, iPECS UMS Web admin simplifies admin and maintenance tasks required by the IT Manager.

Powerful auto attendant

iPECS UMS allows for automated call reception and transfer of any or all or selected lines and times. With an unlimited number of auto-attendant menus, iPECS UMS will meet the requirements of both simple and complex call routing applications. Fax on demand saves valuable time by automatically serving commonly asked fax forms such as company map or application forms.

Desktop call control

Desktop Call Control is a powerful tool that enables users to interact with an incoming iPECS UMS call from their desktop PC prior to answering the call. Users can set DCC so the callers must first identify themselves by stating their name or entering their telephone number, whichever the user prefers. Users then have a variety of options to choose from in handling the call.


Perfect for the traveling business person or mobile workforce, iPECS UMS can be called upon to read emails over the telephone. Using a synthesized voice, the iPECS UMS first reads where, when and who sent the email, then reads the body of the email. VPIM networking provides a convenient method for exchanging messages between multiple iPECS UMS systems utilizing the LAN/WAN/Internet as the transport medium.


Unified messaging

  • Unified messages of voice, email, and fax
  • Easy to manage and access | via phone or email client
  • Manageable in one email client | POP3/IMAP4 support
  • Accessible from any remote phone | authorized by mailbox number and password

Auto attendant & voice mail

  • Flexible scenario management
  • Maximum 25 vocal menus out ofunlimited menu
  • Multi-language company greeting
  • Easy to edit scenario via web admin
  • Add/Edit/Delete scenario and prompt
  • Time-zone based system greeting | Unlimited number of time zone
  • Fax-On-Demand service
  • Pre-stored faxes accessible by caller's selection . Company directory lookup
  • Easy to handle personal greeting | Recordable via phone | Upload via web .
  • Unlimited user voice mailbox

Desktop call control

  • Simple incoming call handling
  • Incoming call popup | with Caller ID, Caller Name . CID-based call screening
  • Routed to phone or mailbox and so on
  • 15 user programmable buttons . Priority call handling
  • Incoming call ring sound management | Changeable ring sound

Text to speech

  • Email reading via phone
  • Microsoft SAPI based TTS

Web admin

  • Full feature access via remote web admin | Settings, options, account, menu, and so on
  • Information log | User activity report | Account, menu, system reporting | Message storage report
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